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Skyway News

  • Skyway will be having a skate night

    Skyway Skate Night


    Where: Skate Plaza!!!! 

                5685 N Pioneer Dr, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

    When: Thursday, September 26th

    Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

    Cost: $6 entry fee and $1 skate rental


    Join us for the fun!

    Skyway's art class uses artsonia to share artwork with families

    Be Involved With Your Child's Art Education

    Skyway's Art Teacher Ms. Rafa encourages you to click the following to find out how to:
    • Receive instant updates with your child's precious artwork straight from the art room.
    • Order keepsakes with your artist's work on it and support the art room.
    • Invite family members worldwide to see creations made by your child.
    •  Stay involved in your child's Art Education at Skyway!

     Click Here for More Information from Ms. Rafa

    Skyway Cross Country is happening this fall

    Skyway Eagles Cross Country Information

    It’s that time of year again!  Time to lace up your running shoes and join the Cross Country Team.  If you are in grades 2nd-5th and love to run and be active, then Cross Country is for you!  It is okay if you have never run a race before, we will teach you to stretch, pace yourself and build your strength.  You don’t have to be the fastest runner, as long as you are staying active and trying your best, then you have already won!  Practices start the morning on Tuesday, September 10th at 7:45 a.m. Come into the gym, meet your coach and get ready to have some fun!  Your teacher will have all the information or your family can download it here. We still need parent volunteer coaches, maybe a family member can help out at practices or during a cross country meet!  If you have questions, contact Mrs. Behrens, the PE teacher at  Go Skyway Eagles!

    Click Here for Skyway Cross Country Information Sheet

    Click here for Skyway Cross Country Permission Slip

    Click here for Cross Country T-Shirt Order Form

    Skyway PTA News

    Welcome back Skyway students and families! We hope to make the 2019-2020 school year a great one and have some fun along the way! 

    Upcoming Events: 9/26 Skate Plaza Night (6:00-8:30)

                                 10/9 PTA Meeting 3:45 in the Skyway Library. Child care will be provided

    Skyway Wear: Order forms located on the PTA bulletin board in the main lobby.  Return the form with payment to the PTA DropBox at any time!

Ideas For Families

  • Do I Look Weak?

    Teachers and parents sometimes express the following worry: “When I calmly delay a conversation or a consequence instead of squashing defiance (or other frustrating misbehaviors), do I look weak? If I don’t bring the wrath in that moment, will kids or adults who are watching think I’m a pushover?”
    No. No, they won’t.
    Imagine this: You’re in a restaurant enjoying a lovely meal. But some lady at the table off to your right is having the opposite of a lovely meal. And she’s bringing the wrath. She’s getting louder. She wants to see the manager. Somebody is going to pay for this! She gets more and more red faced and threatening.
    As you watch her, what is going through your mind? She’s so powerful? She’s so impressive? You wish you could rant and rave like that?
    Probably not. You’re probably thinking she ought to control herself and calm down. You’re probably the opposite of impressed.
    Self-control is actually a form of strength. There is much more power in the ability to keep our cool than there is in yelling, threatening, and lecturing.
    Some people even repeat this phrase to themselves in moments when they need to remember to remain calm: “Anger and frustration feed misbehavior. Anger and frustration feed misbehavior…”
    Put your mind at ease. You don’t lose an ounce of power when you choose not to yell or “drop the hammer” in the heat of the moment — you gain power. By staying calm and creating a more thoughtful response, you are enhancing your authority as an adult/leader. You can do this! 
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