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General Info:

  • FAMILIES: Has your residency changed since September 5, 2017?

    In order to make certain all our students receive appropriate educational supports, we conduct a mid-year residency verification. Residency is defined as where your family sleeps at night. 

    If your residency has changed, AND if any of the following statements are true for your family, please contact your school counselor or the Coeur d’Alene School District McKinney-Vento Liaison, James Curb at 208-664-8241 ext 1061 or so we can share information about educational services that may be available to your student(s) and family.

    • We are doubled up with friends, grandparents, or other family due to economic conditions.
    • We are living at a motel / hotel because other housing is unattainable.
    • We are living in a domestic violence shelter.
    • We are living in transitional housing.
    • We are sleeping in public places or abandoned buildings.
    • We are living in a car, trailer or campground.
    • We are living in a home for pregnant or unwed mothers without another place in which to live.
    • I am a student not in the physical custody of my parents or guardian.


    Fifth-grade students sing at Martin Luther King Jr. program

    On Jan. 11, students from our 11 elementary schools gathered for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. program. This was the 33rd year of the program, and more than 36,000 fifth graders have participated over the years.

    Here's a glimpse of this year's program:

    Join our Winter Attendance Challenge campaign!

    Attendance Matters!

    The Winter Attendance Challenge was created to stress the importance of sending your student to school every day possible. 

    Every year in our schools absences spike in the weeks before and after the winter holidays as families squeeze in a few more vacation days. It has been proven that just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school. This is true for all students — kindergarten through high school. Put simply, too many absences at any age can affect a student’s chances for academic success and eventually for graduation.

    We'd like to thank the staff and families who encouraged students to make every day count, and the students who made it happen. Our randomly selected winners are:


    ATLAS - Benjamin G. • BORAH - Samantha J. • BRYAN - Ella W.

    DALTONGabriella N. • FERNAN - Boston S. • HAYDEN MEADOWS - Kalia M. 

    NExA - Cadence B. •  RAMSEY - Wyatt W. •  SKYWAY - Mariah K.

    SORENSENCallahan K.  •  WINTON - Isabella T.



    CANFIELD - Katrina H., Avery B., Isabella E. 

    LAKES - Ashley C., Skyler H., Dominic V., Zoey L.

    WOODLAND's winners will be announced in an assembly the week of February 12th



    CHS - Eli D., Alex H., Katherine L., Callia T. 

    LCHS - Auna Leah B., Dakota T., Darian C., Dylon M.

    VENTURE - Nataniel S., Coby C., Jazmynn S., Tatum B.


    Help us convey the message that attendance matters each and every day throughout the 2017-18 school year!

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    ARE YOU SIGNED UP FOR TEXT ALERTS? If you have a student enrolled in one of our schools, take a moment over the summer to ensure you have opted-in for emergency text alerts from our district [To receive you must have "opted-in sometime in the last 10 months]. Currently, these alerts are used during the school year to notify you quickly in the event of any emergency or time-sensitive situation. TO OPT-IN: Email your cell number to or call 208-664-8241 x1073.

    ARE YOU A COMMUNITY MEMBER, LOCAL BUSINESS OR SCHOOL PARTNER? Now you can sign up for text alert as well! Sign up to opt-in to receive "community alerts" for snow day messages, updates on issues that may affect traffic or safety in your neighborhood. Sign up now by school.


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