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Stand Up, Speak Up

  • We are committed to eliminating bullying in our schools. When you see someone being bullied, don't stand by —choose action! READ MORE about this initiative.

    Report a Bully!

Welcome to Skyway!

  •   Mrs. Buttz


    Our outstanding Nutrician Services staff not only makes our food delicious, they can make it into an artwork, too! Here our Kitchen Manager Mrs. Tami Buttz, shows off her handiwork as she shares a pineapple bird with the School Plus students. Our meals have a 'healthy foods' emphasis, with a daily salad bar and variety of fruit and veggy choices for kids, baked (not fried) foods, and whole grains. Even more than the wonderful food choices our lunch ladies offer us, Skyway appreciates their smiles and caring nature. Thanks, Skyway Nutrician Services staff!






Principal's Message

  • Dear Parents and Guardians of Skyway Elementary Students,

    Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Skyway Elementary.  This will be my fourth year as the principal at Skyway and I am humbled by this fulfilling and invigorating responsibility.  Our school of approximately 650 students is filled with learning, laughter and kindness.  We SOAR to our personal best at Skyway.   We successfully strive to be  Safe, Organized, Attentive, and Respectful.

    Due to the support of our voters through the supplemental levy in March of 2015, we are replacing core K-12 curricular materials. Last school year, it was mathematics materials – our adoption incorporates great materials, instruction, assessment and the use of technology – all of which will help our continued support of student growth. For 2016-17, the new materials funded by the levy will be science – again K-12. The new elementary materials will allow for genuine hands-on science learning for our students; in our middle and high schools we will be able to enhance the lab experiences of our students while tapping the most current materials through digital resources.

    I am proud and honored to be a member of this excellent school district.  Our staff members are caring individuals who keep each child’s well-being as the most important factor in every day.

    Recognizing that there is always room for improvement., we welcome your feedback and respectfully ask that when you have a concern you share it with the teacher first--- most often your concern can be best answered and resolved through this partnership. Our Assistant Principal, Monique English and I are also here to listen and problem-solve with you.

    I also want to encourage you to share good news and positive thoughts with your child(ren)’s teachers.  Our reflective staff is heartened and encouraged by your recognition.  As always, thank you for partnering with us. I’m looking forward to working with you to create another exciting and successful school year at Skyway Elementary.


    Your Principal, Janice Beauchamp


    Jan Beauchamp


Ideas For Families

  • Cardboard Box City 2016

    In order to bring awareness of the homeless, the Family Promise of North Idaho is organizing an event where people build a house from cardboard boxes, sleep in it, and get sponsorship donations. If you are interested in participating in this event on any level, contact Mrs. Melton here at Skyway.


    Is there any way to make sure my kid won't become a cyberbully?

    You can do everything right -- supervise, discuss online responsibility, introduce media that's age-appropriate -- and your kid still might be tempted to bully others online or in person. Bullying is related to kids' social and emotional lives in general -- the Internet is just a convenient way to act on negative impulses.  

    It's important to stay aware of kids' online activities and monitor where they play and how they interact with others online. Eight and 9-year-olds like to experiment, and they don't necessarily understand the consequences of their actions. Many young kids also don't realize the difference between joking and bullying -- so make sure to talk about how it feels to be the target of unwanted "humor." Teach them how to use the internet appropriately. Talk about empathy,compassion, and integrity

    Plenty of kids act responsibly, and many at this age feel a sense of duty to keep their favorite online environments safe. But a kid who bullies is typically in some kind of crisis, and he or she uses the Internet to act out. There are signs of crisis you can watch out for, such as being withdrawn, secretive, fixating on digital devices, and having a constantly buzzing cell phone, as well as dramatic changes in behavior. You can enlist your kid's friends' parents to keep an eye on your kid, too.



    Have you joined PTA yet?

    Check out our PTA page (under the 'For Parents' tab) on the Skyway webpage to find out about our amazing PTA! It is a fun, efficient group that supports our school in many ways.


    PTA and Regal Eagle