PERSI - Base Pension Plan

Enrollment in the PERSI Base Pension Plan is automatic with benefited employees of the Coeur d' Alene School District. Both you and your employer make contributions to PERSI. Your contributions are credited to your personal account, while employer contributions are pooled in a trust fund to cover benefits. The actual value of your benefit exceeds your contributions and the the longer you work for an eligible PERSI employer, the greater your retirement benefit will be.

Although you may not remain a public employee your entire career, if you work for a PERSI employer and earn 60-months of service credit, you will be fully vested and receive a lifetime benefit at retirement. A 60-month vesting period does not have to be with the same PERSI Employer. When you retire, PERSI will pay you every month for as long as you live and if you selected a retirement option with survivor benefits, your Contingent Annuitant will receive a benefit for life after your death.

For detailed information on PERSI, visit their website.( With specific questions for PERSI regarding your account, retirement or other information, call the employee answer center at 800-451-8228.

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