Rules and Consequences

We want your child to have a happy, safe, and successful year at Bryan.  In order to achieve this, we believe students need to know what is expected of them and the consequences of their behaviors.  We will review and model the expected behaviors.  Bryan five points of pride:

  • Show respect to adults, students, and school property

  • Demonstrate good manners at all times

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated

  • Use quiet voices at all times

  • Come to school with a positive attitude and be prepared to do your best

Students who are good and responsible citizens may receive words of praise, extra free time, permission to work with a friend, a treat, or other “positives.”

Students who choose not to follow the rules or otherwise disrupt the learning environment are expected to fix their behavior with a warning.  Following the warning, a student who continues behaving inappropriately will face the following consequences:

Take 5 –Student will take a time-out in the classroom or a nearby classroom.  He or she will be responsible for making a log entry describing the reason the time-out was needed.  If the student continues to act inappropriately after returning to class, other consequences may be necessary.

Study Hall– Students who have multiple “Take 5s” during the week, have missing assignments, or turn in late work will attend Study Hall during class free-time.

Detention –A student who frequently disrupts class may be assigned after-school detention.  Mrs. Gorringe reserves the right to send a student to after-school detention for such behavior as disrespect, fighting, throwing objects at another student, or inappropriate language.

In the case of severe disruptions, the student may be sent immediately to “Take 5” or office depending on the behavior.