Graduation Party Requirements

Traditionally our fifth graders have enjoyed a graduation party during school hours.  Our most important goal is for our students to be safe.  Having a good time for a year of hard work is great, too.  To provide this opportunity for our students, trust is a key factor.  Our party occurs in a less structured environment and when students have difficulty following expectations at school, it becomes a concern for us to allow them to go on this end of the year field trip.

Listed below are some of the reasons a student would not be able to attend:

  • Disrespect for teachers and staff members

  • Disrespectful treatment of peers (bullying or harassment)

  • Discipline infractions (classroom or playground)

  • Repeat attendance to after-school detention

  • Suspensions (in-school or out)

  • Breaking school rules

  • Situations prompting the involvement of law enforcement

  • Excessive missing work

  • Excessive absences or tardies

  • Teacher and staff discretion (trust and student safety)

It is our hope that all fifth graders will be able to join in on this celebration.  We are sure you understand that we need to provide a safe environment for all of our students, especially when we are away from school.  We also need to trust that each student will be respectful of parent chaperones and follow directions given.  In the spring, we will meet as a team to determine if a student will be allowed to join us that day.