Switch Classes

In fifth grade, we exchange classes for many subjects.  Your student will be working with multiple teachers.

We feel this is a good procedure for several reasons:

  1. It will allow us to look closely at the ISAT scores and assessments for the individual subject areas and plan accordingly.
  2. It allows your child to be exposed to different personalities, viewpoints, and teaching styles.
  3. Changing classes physically allows movement between classrooms.  This helps to make a smoother transition from one subject to another.

When switching classes, students are to walkquietlyandsilentlythrough the halls.  They also need to be sure they have all the materials needed for the class.  The materials include agenda, pencil, red pen, books, correct spiral and/or folder---AND completed assignment.

The colors for each subject are:

Math –Purple

Reading Switch –Green

Core Reading –Yellow

Core Writing –Blue

Science/Social Studies –Red