Homework, Grading and Assessment

I do not give Homework. If your student wants to read their Reading (Learning) Ally book at home, then they can download the FREE app and have access to it on any device. They can also access Achieve 3000 at home through the district website.

I allow students to make-up or redo any assignment during the semester as long as it is for an EXCUSED absence.

I assess all portions of the Reading Process and use that data to drive my instruction and help your student set their own learning goals.

Those areas are: Spelling=Phonics & Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension using Thinking Strategies, Listening & Speaking.

Google Classroom is used primarily for classroom assignments that students need to find or make-up. It is not used for Grades. I place all grades in Skyward. Daily "Gifts" are a representation of our daily work and again, they can be made up or redone throughout the semester. Your student is also responsible for keeping all materials in a Classroom Binder.