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Dress Code

Our school board has adopted a comprehensive dress code.  Following are some highlights from the full policy.

  • Articles of clothing with inappropriate logos such as obscenities, vulgarities, offensive remarks, advertisements of controlled/illegal substances or activities are not allowed.

  • No hats or sunglasses shall be worn in the building.

  • Bandanas and bandana headbands are prohibited.

  • Footwear shall be worn at all times.  (Sandals or flip flops are unsafe for P.E.  Appropriate footwear is recommended.)

  • Tank tops and other tops or dresses must have wide straps and high cut arm holes.  Tops should not be low cut or revealing (i.e. spaghetti straps).  Tops must be waistline length with no midriffs or skin showing.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

  • No undergarments are to be showing.

  • Shorts and skirts are to be mid-thigh length or longer.  Mini-shorts or skirts are not allowed.

  • Accessories that may be used as a weapon are prohibited.

  • Sleepwear cannot be worn to school.