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Safety Contract




 Bryan Safety Agreement

Creating a safe learning environment at Bryan is a TOP PRIORITY. Every child and adult has the right to feel safe at school. Therefore, we have put into place steps to ensure safety. These steps include:

                                                                    Teaching to the correct behaviors.

                                                                    Reinforcing students who are being safe.

                                                                    Removing students from school who are being unsafe.

Staff at our school will:

· Closely supervise students in all areas of the school and playground

· Watch for signs of emotionally and physically unsafe behaviors

· Respond quickly and sensitively to reports of such behavior

· Take seriously families’ concerns about their children

· Assign consequences for infractions based on the school discipline practices

· Provide immediate consequences for retaliation against students who report issues

School District Policy requires any student bringing a weapon to school be considered for expulsion. We are given very little leeway on this. Therefore, it is critical to talk with your child about how to handle a situation in which they may accidently arrive at school with something questionable, i.e. a pocket knife. They should immediately take the item to the office. Please be aware that students having knowledge of weapons or threats and not reporting them are also held responsible.

In addition, Bryan has a strict policy regarding verbal and physical aggression.

Physical aggression (such as hitting, fighting or pushing) and verbal  aggression (such as threats, taunting, talking back, or intimidation) will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension from school.

This policy may seem harsh, but will help keep all of our students safe and allow them to concentrate on what is important, which is their learning.  History has shown by following this practice, students quickly learn and follow the expectations. Thank you for supporting a safe environment at Bryan, especially by talking to your child(ren) about this important matter.

I have read BRYAN’S SAFETY PRACTICES and understand that unsafe behavior will result in suspension.

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