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Drop off/pick up procedures

Car Lane
Please enter the south parking lot from Maple Ave. and proceed forward to the new gym (heading west, or towards the office).  Stop just prior to the new gym at the blue gate to let your child/children out of your vehicle in the morning.  Students should enter the playground through the blue gate.  You can then pull forward, past the gym and exit out onto 8th street to your left.
Car Lane
Proceed up Maple and into our parking lot.  If you want to stay in your car, please drive in the car lane.  Students will be waiting just prior to the gym by the blue gate.  A staff member will ask for your child's name and this info will be announced on a bull horn so we can have your child ready and waiting once you pull forward.  Your child will be walked to your vehicle by a staff member. 
If you want to park your car and walk to meet your child, please find a legal parking space and come to get your child.  We will NOT let students walk through the parking lot on their own for safety reasons.  Please meet your child by the gym wall near the office area. 
Harrison Ave. exit will remain the same.
Car lane side/south end of building. . . all walkers will exit through the playground gate at the end of the new gym.  This will be the same exit as those getting picked up in the car lane.
If you plan to meet your child who walks home, please meet him/her at the crosswalk on Harrison or by the gym/office area.
Thank you for your help in keeping our Bryan kids safe!