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  • In memory of Jill Hill, Director of Transportation, 2006-2021

    Jill Hill photoApril 16, 2021

    We are heartbroken to share with you that our friend and colleague Jill Hill passed away this morning at home. Jill began working for our District in 1996 and was a bus driver for 10 years. In May 2006, she was promoted to Director of Transportation. Just last month our Board of Trustees presented Jill and her team with its Award of Excellence for all of the great work they have done through the pandemic. In 2018, Jill accepted the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce A+ Education Award on behalf of the Transportation Department.

    Jill was passionate about transportation and spent her life surrounded by buses. She kept a detailed map of all routes and stops in her head, and it was clear to everyone why she was head of that department.

    Her greatest attribute was her desire to serve others. She went to great lengths to meet the needs of students and families across the district. Jill’s goal was for her department to be a model for other school districts in Idaho. Over the past few years, she worked tirelessly to implement new technology in Transportation, most notably a new routing program to increase efficiency.

    Jill cared deeply for her staff, often connecting through potluck lunches. She would spend hours preparing a specialty dish to share. She was optimistic and excited about the direction her team was moving, and she focused on helping each employee be successful as her department embraced big change.

    Jill’s patience and kindness were immeasurable. She had a smile and was pleasant even when confronted by conflict. She would try to help anyone having a hard time.

    Please keep Jill’s family, friends and colleagues in your hearts.

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    The District's Transportation Department is headed by Jill Hill and supported by nearly 80 members of the community employed as support staff, drivers or assistants. We have approximately 38 regular routes and 7 special service routes. The Department transports approximately 5000 students on a daily basis, not including activity/field trips. There are over 20 schools in the CdA School District that use transportation services.

    Contact Transportation - (208) 667-3451

    School Closure Tip Line - (208) 667-0784

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    Call our office at (208) 667-3451.

    Interim Director of Transportation Donda Walsh   donda.walsh@cdaschools.org

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    Office Secretary Audrey Wilhoyte   awilhoyte@cdaschools.org

    Routing Specialist/Special Needs Trainer Ivonne Trotter   itrotter@cdaschools.org

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