William Vaughn

  • Mr. Vaughan teaches our 6th grade class and is the director of the Chess Club performance team at Sorensen Magnet School  Welcome to Lakes!  I am excited to be given the opportuniyty to teach your young adult for World Cultures (7th Grade) this year! This will be my 17th year educating. This is my 2nd year at Lakes.  I have previously taught at Sorensen and Skyway. I am blessed with three awesome young men and a beautiful bride!  If you want to earn bonus points from Mr. Vaughan remember these two things; I  love Tacos and I love the Raiders!

    Here is to an exceptionally great year as we prepare for our future!


    My classes for 2019 -2020


    7th Grade Advisory  Monday and Friday mornings

    1st period 7th Grade World Cultures

    3rd period 7th Grade World Cultures

    4th period 7th Grade World Cultures

    6th period 7th Grade World Cultures

    7th period 7th Greade World Cultures

    Discovery (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) Chess


    Mr. William B. Vaughan


    Lakes Middle School 1 (208) 667-4544