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    Yearbook Picture Submission

    Eshare Instructions

    Photographers, parents, students and community members can use our Eshare program to upload pictures for our yearbook.


    Or www.hjeshare.com and enter the school code twolf. 

    All senior photos must be uploaded into

    Eshare by the deadline or it will not be able to be published in the yearbook. 


     The order # for our LCHS Yearbook is:  7527

    LCHS Class of 2016 Yearbook Information


    Deadlines: Yearbook Prices:

            August 2016- Early Bird Yearbook Special $65

            September 2016-December 12, 2016- Yearbook Pre-Purchase Price $65

    ** No extras will be ordered so please make sure to order your yearbook by December 18

    Senior Deadlines:

    UPDATED! November 1, 2016        Senior Portraits Due

    November 30, 2016        Senior Ad/ Group Ads Due

    Senior Portraits:

      • Wallet size, Typically 2x3 inches- larger file size the better


    • Vertical shot from the waist up (Horizontal portraits will not be published). No full length shots. (see examples below)


      • Include only the senior with nothing blocking any part of the face (no props, flowers, hats, sunglasses, animals, or other people)
      • Can be inside or outside shot
      • No soft focus


    • Frontal view, student must be looking at camera, not taken from the side, above, or below- front view (nothing blocking any part of face)


    • Professional quality (school photo will be used if portrait submitted is not professional quality/resolution)
    • Name submitted with picture MUST be the legal name on file with the school.
    • Portraits may be cropped to fit
    • Portraits must include at least all of head and shoulders. No ‘close-up’ photos allowed

    Dress Code

    • school dress code will be enforced. Please review the dress code in its entirety here: https://www.cdaschools.org/cmc/lib/ID01906304/Centricity/domain/33/policies/500/517%20Student%20Dress%20Code%20Code%2010-7-13.pdf

    Submission Format/ Instructions

    • Students are responsible for supplying this submission information to their photographers
    • All photos must be submitted by uploading to the eshare online program.
    • Please fill out all fields completely and accurately. Put “Senior Photo” in the description field. Use the students full legal name on the schools file
    • Please only submit one photo per student
    • The eshare file software has its own confirmation page when you successfully uploaded the file. Please make sure all the information is spelled correctly.
    • Digital portraits must be at least 300dpi in jpeg format (cell phone and Facebook files will not work)

    The Deadline for portrait submission is November 1, 2016. The most recent available ID photo will be used in place of a senior portrait if a senior portrait is not submitted by the deadline or does not meet the above criteria. Final say on the appropriateness of all senior pictures is left to the discretion of the administration. Only students who are currently enrolled at LCHS by the photo deadline will be included in the senior portraits section of the yearbook. The yearbook staff reserves the right to crop the pictures as needed.

    Picture Confirmation:

    • A list of senior name's (first initial/ last name) who have submitted professional portraits by the deadline will be on the LCHS Yearbook webpage and will be updated weekly started the first week of school. Please allow 24 hours for your name to appear.
    • We can’t be responsible for not publishing your professional photo if your name is not published on the list. Once the pages are laid out a printout will be posted outside room A2. Seniors are responsible to check to ensure the right legal spelling of their name and correct photo is on the page. Announcements will be made to notify seniors when there pages are ready to be viewed

    Senior Ads:

    Senior ads give the parent or guardian the opportunity to congratulate their student on his or her accomplishments. The deadline for senior ads November 30th

    Purchase and create ad online here: http://www.yearbookordercenter.com Order number 7527

        Here is a link to an ad creation demonstration: https://yearbookordercenter.com/index.cfm/video/onlineAdHelp

    • Pictures can be baby pictures, childhood pictures or senior pictures as long as they are school appropriate.
    • Pricing information can be found on the order center and start at $50
    • The yearbook staff reserves the rights to edit your ad if words or pictures are not school appropriate.
    • There are a limited number of ad pages. Ads will be accepted until the pages are full on a first come first come first serve basis

    Senior Groups Ads

    • Any senior group is welcome to purchase a full page group ad for $250 that would congratulate seniors from that particular group. The deadline for senior group ad submissions is November 30th. Purchasing group ads will greatly reduce the price per student since the students will be splitting the cost of the ad. The group would be responsible for establishing a group coordinator who will collect all the pictures, money and words for the page and create it online by the deadline. There are limited number of ad pages. Ads will be accepted until the pages are full on a first come first serve.

    Examples of Groups:

    • Seniors from elementary school
    • Seniors from middle school
    • Outside club/sport/job
    • School Sports
    • Twelve year seniors

    Purchasing a Yearbook:

    You may purchase a yearbook from the business office or online directly through Herff Jones. The final deadline to purchase a yearbook is January 19, 2017. No extra books will be ordered.

    *Yearbooks can be purchased online here: http://yearbookordercenter.com/ Order Number 7527