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    Notice of board meetings, including Special Board Meetings, Ad Hoc Committee meetings, and Executive Meetings, will be posted here. 


    9-26-22  Long Range Planning Committee Meeting Notice and Agenda

    Public Review & Comment

    From time to time, the Board of Trustees may have extensive policy sections up for review or single policies.


    Notice of Policy Review

    Policies under review may contain redlines or strike-throughs showing additions or retractions and, in some cases, may be new to our District. Comments on policies are due by 5:00 p.m. on the date listed below. If you have any comments to share about the items listed below, please submit your comments by clicking HERE.

    **By submitting a public comment, you are consenting to the disclosure of your communication (in full and unredacted) to the official records of the Board of Trustees, and to the posting of such information on the Coeur d'Alene School District's website. To be included, the comment MUST include your first and last name. If you include information that would otherwise be protected (such as education records protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA]), you are consenting to the disclosure of the same. Public comments are subject to Idaho's public records laws.**

    The policy below is out for review and comment.  Comments are due September 26, 2022.

    Section 5750 - Personnel - Employing Retired Teachers and Administrators


    Other Items Out for Review

    The Coeur d'Alene School District is considering adopting the Sources of Strength Curriculum Resources for use in kindergarten through fifth grades to support the elementary health curriculum. If approved by the Board of Trustees, Sources of Strength would be used to help students build resilience by reinforcing strengths such as hope, persistence and asking for help when needed.
    For more background, please see the Curriculum Committee Report Here.
    For links to Idaho State Health Content Standards, please consult the Idaho State Department of Education Website here.
    Please note:  The committee voted for two changes to the Grade 3-5 curriculum as it is posted here:

    1. Lesson 4.2b mentions suicide and will only be used if it is relevant to a class or group and parents will be notified and provided an opportunity to "opt out" of the lesson if it will be taught.  

    2.  There is a teacher note on lesson 2.2, p.28, where an example is given that mentions gender-specific bathrooms.  This comment will be removed from the copies given to counselors and trainers.  
    There are two ways the public can review the resources and provide feedback:
    To review the resources digitally, please use this link:   Password required: Coeur d'Alene_preview
    Once you have reviewed the resources, please provide feedback at this link: CLICK HERE
    In Person:
    To review the resources in person, please come to the District Office, 1400 N. Northwood Center Court, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You will be provided materials to review and a comment sheet to fill out.
    Resources will be available for review through September 26. All reviews will be shared with the Board, which is scheduled to consider the adoption at the October 3, 2022 board meeting. All submitted comments become public records.