Ms. Payge Hutchinson/Receptionist

    Phone: 208.769.0769; Fax: 208.769.2944


    Ms. Hutchinson is the Receptionist at LCHS. Her duties include answering phones, greeting visitors, and interacting with students, staff and parents.


    Kim Sutton

    Mrs. Kimberly Sutton/Principal's Secretary

    Phone: 208.769.2978; Fax: 208.769.2944

    Email: kimberly.sutton@cdaschools.org

    Kimberly is the Principal's Secretary in the main office. Her duties are to perform a variety of secretarial/clerical duties to assist in the day-to-day operations of the Principal and staff. If you ever need to schedule an appointment with Principal Clifford, please contact the main office and ask for Kimberly.



    Mrs. Rachael Petersen/Activities Secretary

    Phone: 208.769.2979; Fax: 208.769.2944

    Email: rpetersen@cdaschools.org

    Rachael is the Activities Secretary in the main office. Her duties include keeping track of all athletic and activities paperwork, updating the daily bulletin, and interacting with students, staff and parents.


    Mrs. Holly Morgan

    Mrs. Holly Morgan/Attendance and Discipline Secretary

    Phone: 208.769.2943; Fax: 208.769.2944

    Email: hmorgan@cdaschools.org

    Holly is the Attendance and Discipline Secretary.  She is the person you should contact when your student is absent or tardy. 


    Mrs. Tarah Tanner/Registrar

    Phone: 208.769.2968; Fax: 208.665.4643


    Tarah Tanner is the Registrar at LCHS. Tarah is responsible for maintaining all student files and pertinent data entry, processing transcript requests, education verifications, state reporting, record requests, student withdrawals, name changes and address updates.Tarah is also integral in the graduation process for seniors here at LCHS.


    Mrs. Winger

    Mrs. Teri Winger/Assistant Treasurer

    Phone: 208.769.2980; Fax: 208.769.2944


    The bookkeeping is overseen by Mrs. Winger.  She is in charge of all fines that students may owe, as well as all the money from games, ASB stickers, fundraisers, and other organized clubs and events. If a fine is owed, it should be paid as soon as possible. Not doing so will void the opportunity of enjoying commencement or getting transcripts.