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    Welcome to Ramsey Magnet School of Science 5thgrade!

    In 5th grade, we look forward to being a collaborative and creative group of learners. Through exploration and inquiry-based activities, we push students to grow and reach their full potential.


    We will explore science through hands-on, activity-based science kits. Three of the main kits focus on “Earth and Sun", "Mixtures and Solutions", and "Living Systems". We integrate science into reading, writing, math, and technology. We have students participate in the annual Ramsey Science Fair, enjoy guest speakers, field trips, and assemblies.

    English/Language Arts 

    In 5th grade, students will be taught with a focus on the Idaho Core Standards. Students will write narratives, opinions, and informative essays. We teach students strategies to independently and proficiently read and enjoy various types of texts. 


    Through a variety of thinking strategies, we move through five main areas of mathematics: operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, fractions, measurement and data, and geometry, as aligned with Idaho Core Standards. 

    Social Studies

    In our study of U.S. History, we start our year by learning about early European explorers, and move our way through colonization, American Revolution, the Civil War, both World Wars, and make our way into the ongoing War on Terror.  

    We are looking forward to a great year of learning!