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  • Welcome to 3rd grade at Ramsey Magnet School of Science

    Welcome to Ramsey third grade. We will be learning many new and exciting things this year. Third grade is a year of transition as students develop independence. It is a time for students to assume responsibility for their education and become lifelong learners. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Ramsey third graders and their families. We know we are going to have a wonderful year.


    In Science, we will be exploring several inquiry-based units. We will be learning about Animal Adaptations and Habitats, Properties of Matter, Soils, and Sound Waves. Each lab unit connects across the curriculum in all other subject areas. There are also several opportunities for field trips to deepen understanding throughout the year.

    Reading and Writing

    In reading, students will continue to build their stamina in the books they select.  We will continue to develop comprehension skills across all genres of reading.  In writing, students will work on Narratives, Opinions, and Informational essays.  


    In math, we will help students create multiple strategies to solve real-world math problems and scenarios, acquire mastery level skills in multiplication and division, maintain high levels of fact fluency, and communicate their reasoning with others.

    Social Studies

    Third grade Social Studies allows students to develop awareness and understanding of local community government. During this unit of study, students will simulate community planning, participate in mock elections, and city hall meetings,  where decisions about current topics will be presented and negotiated. Students will also develop map and geography skills.

    All of this in one school year? Whew! Get ready for a busy year!