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    New Student Enrollment is online at this link 

    New Student Enrollment


    After you have submitted the enrollment you will recieve a phone call to set up a new student appointment. We only enroll by attendance zone. 

    Just a note... We have 3 weeks left until finals week. If your student has completed a full semester at their previous school they will start on January 31st. The first day of second semester. 

    Please call Donna Ventresco at 208-769-2942 or email at dventresco@cdaschools.org for any questions regarding enrollment.  


    Class of 2022- Katalina Chacon - kchacon@cdaschools.org   

    Class of 2023 - Andrea Duchow - aduchow@cdaschool.org                

    Class of 2024 - Heather Gillis- hgillis@cdaschools.org    

    Class of 2025-McKenzie Harsin - mckenzie.harsin@cdaschools.org


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