• Lake City High School

    Our Strategic Direction                        PASSION   |   PERSEVERANCE   |   PROMISE


    We develop caring, responsible citizens by providing an innovative, rigorous, and enriching education.


    We envision a school community that accepts, values, and respects every member.

    We strive to create passionate, life-long learners.

    We empower our students to persevere in fulfilling their promise.


    Safe, Supportive, Meaningful, Student-Centered Environment

    Foster a culture of respect, compassion, and open communication.

    Cultivate and nurture a student-centered, self-directed learning environment.

    Stimulate creativity and passion for learning through positive student/staff relationships.

    Provide essential resources, including relevant technology, which promote and support a variety of course offerings that challenge students to grow, set goals, and exceed their expectations.

    High Expectations and Shared Accountability

    Encourage life-long learning through an emphasis on academics and exploration.

    Equip students with skills, knowledge, experience, and a vision for career-readiness and social responsibility.

    Create partnerships between staff and students to ensure shared accountability and high expectations.

    Quality Instruction

    Cultivate self-reflective and goal-oriented instructors.

    Engage in relevant and collaborative professional development within and across disciplines.

    Provide generous support and essential resources to enhance teacher/student growth and success.

    Community Engagement

    Encourage staff, students, parents, community members, and alumni to invest in Lake City High School.

    Develop a school culture where students value and contribute to our community.

    Promote an environment of accountability and trust by honoring the strengths of each individual.