• In Art class I hope students feel calm and creative as they become artists. In Art class students will use different forms of media and tools to create many types of art and to learn a variety of skills and techniques. Students will also learn about different artists and history. Students are taught that every work of art is unique, and beautiful with its own design. The art curriculum is aligned with the National Core Art Standards adopted by the Coeur d’ Alene School District.







    Welcome to Art! This is my 26th year of teaching. The majority of my teaching experience has been in kindergarten with a few years of first grade mixed in. I am so delighted to be your child's art teacher this year. During my college days at the University of Idaho, I developed an affinity for the arts. I loved learning about different artists; past and present, as well as exploring a variety of media. As I began my teaching career, I was inspired by the art specialist at my school. I'm hoping my students gain an appreciation of art and the role it plays in the world around them. It's going to be a great year of creating together.