• We encourage a close working relationship between school and parents to assist the physical, mental, and emotional growth of all students. Approximately every three weeks you will receive progress reports from all of your child’s teachers. We urge you to check these progress reports and communicate with the school if you have any questions or concerns. We do have scheduled conference days listed on the district’s school calendar; however, please feel free to contact the school whenever needed.
    Many activities occur throughout the year: music programs, honor and school assemblies, athletic contests, and holiday programs. Parents are encouraged to attend all of Woodland activities during school as well as after school.  Parents are also encouraged to call the school and arrange for classroom visits.   The administration and staff are always glad to confer with parents on matters concerning students. We look forward to working with you this year as a team to ensure your child’s success in school.

    Parent Complaint
    Solving Problems / Concerns, Complaints about Woodland personnel, or programs:
    The administration and staff at Woodland Middle School are anxious to resolve problems quickly and fairly to all involved. We encourage all parents and students to notify us as soon as possible about any concerns.The first step in dealing with a problem at Woodland would be to discuss the issue with the person directly involved, whether it is a teacher, custodian, cook, or office personnel. If you are unable to resolve the problem at that level, contact the administration. We will make every effort to resolve problems as quickly as possible.If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal a decision to the Director of Secondary Education or the Superintendent of Schools of the Coeur d’Alene School District. A final appeal may be made in writing to the Coeur d’Alene School Board if the problem cannot be resolved at any other level.


    Agendas are provided to each student. There is space for each class, each day in which students are required to record all assignments. There is also space provided each day for parent/teacher comments or signatures. Parents are urged to monitor their student’s agenda.
    Parent / Teacher Conferences:
    Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher at any time to inquire about their student’s academic progress or behavior.We do have scheduled conference days, but we do not schedule a conference for every student. We do encourage parent conferences at the first sign of any concerns. Please call at any time if you wish to schedule a conference with a particular teacher.
    Make-up Work:
    Work missed due to absence must be made up within an allotted time and is the responsibility of the student.
    Supplemental Study Hall:
    Supplemental Study Hall is a program that specifically targets students not completing their daily work. Enrollment in this program requires a contract between the parent, the student and the school. The program assumes the student will stay until 3:15 or 4:00 p.m. depending on work completed.
    Honor Roll:
    Every student has the opportunity to be an honor student. If a student’s grade average is B or above for all classes, they will receive honor recognition.
    School Arrival and Building Entry:
    In most cases it is not necessary for students to be in the main halls before 7:50 in the morning. Students who have business in the office before school are to enter by the office door. Students are allowed in the cafeteria or gym after 7:30 A.M. They must enter by the front door. Students may not loiter in the foyer. Any student who is requested by a teacher to be in the main halls or pod areas in the morning before schoolmust have a hall pass.Students are expected to leave the school building and grounds within 20 minutes (3:00 P.M.) at the end of the school day unless they are participating in or attending a school sponsored activity or athletic event.
    All signs and posters must be reviewed by the administration before being displayed.
    Excuse from PE Activity:
    Physical Education is required for all students in middle school. All long-term or temporary excuses must be cleared through the PE teacher. Long-term excuses require a statement from a physician stating the reason and duration for the excuse. Any student not excused for medical purposes is required to dress down for all PE classes.