• Coeur d’Alene School District No. 271

    STUDENTS 3040


    "The parent or guardian of any child who has attained the age of seven (7) years, but not the age of sixteen (16) years shall cause that child to be instructed in subjects commonly and usually taught in the public schools. Unless the child is otherwise comparably instructed, the parent or guardian shall cause the child to attend a public, private, or parochial school for a period each year equal to that during which the public schools are in session.” Idaho Code § 33-202


    The right to attend school is fundamental and purposeful. Along with this right is the responsibility to attend school faithfully and regularly. This responsibility rests with the student and with the parent/legal guardian, and is basic in order to meet the instructional goals of the District 271. The instructional program of the District is based upon regular daily instruction and interaction between the student and teacher. Poor attendance is a disruption to the instructional programs of students who attend school on a regular basis.

    Each school shall keep accurate attendance records and establish procedures for monitoring and holding students accountable for unexcused or excessive absences. The Board recognizes that frequent tardies can disrupt the educational process not only for that student but also the entire class; thus, the Board directs schools to develop tardy procedures to deal with students who have habitual tardies. These procedures shall be published in their student handbooks.

    Activities or Preplanned Absences

    Absences for school-sponsored activities or pre-planned absences are excused, but students are held responsible for the work missed. In order to participate in an extracurricular activity, including practice, students must be in school during the afternoon of the date of the event or in the afternoon on the last school day prior to the activity, if the activity falls on a non-school day.  Exceptions may be made by the administration.

    Whenever it is determined by the Board, or the Board’s designee, under the provisions of due process of law that the parents or guardians of any child who is not enrolled in the public schools are failing to meet the requirements of Idaho Code § 33-202, an authorized representative of the Board shall notify in writing the prosecuting attorney in the county of the pupil’s residence and recommend that a petition shall be filed in the magistrates division of the District Court of the county of the pupil’s residence, in such form as the court may require under the provisions of Idaho Code § 20-510.

    Habitual Truancy/Educational Neglect Designation


    As defined by Idaho law, a habitual truant is any pupil who, in the judgment of the Board of Trustees, or the Board’s designee, repeatedly has violated the attendance regulations of the School District, or any child whose parents/guardians, have failed or refused to cause the child to be instructed as provided by IC 33-202.  A habitually truant student who was between the ages of seven (7) and sixteen (16) years of age at the time of the violation(s) comes under the purview of the Juvenile Corrections Act.

    Cross Reference: 3340 & 3340P Corrective Actions and Punishments

    Legal Reference: Art. IX, § 9, Idaho Constitution – Compulsory Attendance at School

    I.C. § 33-201 School Age

    I.C. § 33-202 School Attendance Compulsory

    I.C. § 33-205 Denial of School Attendance

    I.C. § 33-206 Habitual Truant Defined

    I.C. § 33-207 Proceedings Against Parents or Guardians

    Policy History:

    Adopted on: 10/6/14