• Conferences

    Conference times are scheduled several times throughout the school year. These conferences are designed as an opportunity for teachers to touch base with parents regarding their child’s progress. One type of conference that takes place is called a student lead conference. During this type of conference the student is responsible for sharing information about their academic progress with their parents. Teachers will be circulating around the room to answer questions.
     Open House
    An Open House is offered at the beginning of the school year to give parents an opportunity to meet the staff members at Woodland and receive information about their child’s classes and receive answers to any questions that might arise. Contact the Woodland Middle School office for more information.

     Progress Reports
    We believe that parents are entitled to know the progress of their children in school. Reports, along with a parent/teacher conference, give the parent an opportunity to work with the teacher to encourage student potential and will be sent home with the students. A reminder of these dates will be in the monthly newsletter. Progress reports will be sent out electronically or sent home with students who have no email access.
    Report Cards

    Report cards are issued every nine weeks. They are given to the students and are to be taken home to the parents. Parents and students should discuss these reports to plan for adjustments in study time and work habits that might be necessary. Grades will be reported in letter grades.

    PTA of Woodland Middle School

    Woodland Parent Teacher  Association (PTA) is a nonprofit 501c organization that supports teachers’ and our students’ programs with money raised through our annual fundraiser. PTA meets monthly to review activities for parent involvement. All parents are welcome at these meetings.

    August Registration

    Every year, one day in August is set aside for the registration of new and existing Coeur d’ Alene School District students. Student ASB cards, yearbooks, and Woodland Middle School tee shirts, and shorts will be available to purchase. Parents will also be able to receive information about school lunches, free and reduced lunch applications, school transportation, and PTA