• Goals of Middle School Athletics

    Develop skills through quality instruction, while providing maximum participation for each athlete.
    Develop understanding of the concepts necessary to participate in higher-level athletic competition.
    Develop positive self-image and attitudes.
    Enhance the pleasure of athletic participation.

Athletic Information

  • Middle school athletics are offered to all students who meet eligibility requirements and have a desire to participate in the athletics provided for their grade.

    Participating in co/extra-curricular activities within the district requires that the student maintain successful performance in academics and citizenship and that the student remains in good standing as defined within the school district co/extra-curricular activity code.

Participation Requirments

  • PHYSICAL - Complete one during middle school years. It must be on file in the school office

    ATHLETIC CONTRACT - Completed each year.

    INSURANCE - Athletes are required to sign a form acknowledging insurance coverage or purchase of school insurance.
    STUDENT BODY CARD - Athletes are REQUIRED TO PURCHASE a Student Body Card
    All forms are available in the Office.

Schedule 2017-2018

  • Cross Country                                       September 5 - October 17 
    8th Grade Volleyball                              September 5 - October 19
    7th Grade Volleyball                              September 11 - October 19
    6th/7th/8th Wrestling                            October 23 - December 9
    7th Grade Girls' Basketball                     October 30 - December 11
    8th Grade Girls' & Boys' Basketball         December 12 - February 15
    7th Grade Boys' Basketball                    February 15 - March 15
    Track                                                   March 19 - May 4
    Dates may be subject to change.
  • Coaches


    8th grade:  Michelle Fassler and Saprina Schueller
    7th grade:  Alli Robitaille and Nan Spinazza

    Cross Country

    Coaches: Tia Vesser and Jesse Affeldt


    Head Coach:  Tony Hook
    Assistant:  Jim Whiteman

    Girls’ Basketball

    8th grade:  
    7th grade: Keri Schwenke and Tia Vesser

    Boys’ Basketball

    8th grade: Coby Langley and Nate Alderman
    7th grade: Nate Alderman


    Head Coach: Tony Prka 
    Assistant coaches:  Derek Edwards