• Welcome to Mrs. Corbeill's classroom! I am so excited to be your son's/daughter's second grade teacher. Second grade is a fabulous year and being at Sorensen only makes it better! We work on blending the normal academic expectations with the arts and humanities to make your students' learning experience deeper and more exciting. This is my eleventh year teaching at Sorensen! I have been in second grade the entire time and really enjoy the topics we cover and the transformation the students go through. I have three boys, a wonderful husband, a dog and bunny. My boys are two, four, and twelve... they keep me very busy and I am learning a lot from them!

    In second grade we work on deepening our phonics skills and look into the different syllable types and multisyllabic words. We read lots of different types of stories and work on analyzing the stories and looking at the different literature elements within them. In math we are working on our addition and subtraction facts within twenty. We are also working on solving multi-digit problems using different strategies. These are just a few things we focus on in the second grade year.

    I can't wait to meet my new students and any future students and their families. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me, I love hearing from my parent community.