• [What is the Wolfpack?] The Wolfpack is men (Dads, Grandpas, community volunteers, etc) engaging themselves in the lives of our students here at Winton Elementary. They are men who see real value in children having fathers and father figures actively involved in all aspects of their lives, including in their education.

    [What Does the Wolfpack Do?] Our #1 priority is having fathers and father figures on the playground and field during recess, interacting with students, giving out high-5's, teaching and reminding students of the rules to games, modeling good sportsmanship and looking for students who seem to be lonely or feeling leftout. Beyond that, we also spend time reading with students, practicing math facts with students, assisting teachers with projects and eating lunch with students...all while making a point to actively listen to students as they engage in conversation with us.

    [How Does it Work?] Men who would like to be part of the Wolfpack begin by attending one of our Wolfpack Trainings. After completing the training, we create a schedule for them based upon their availability. The frequency with which Wolfpack members are on campus varies from weekly to monthly. Our goal is for Wolfpack members to be on campus at least once per month.

    For more information please contact:

    Miss Erin Duncan