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    Welcome to Winton Physical Education!

    P.E. is a lab. It is Winton's health and fitness lab where we become physically literate!

    A physically literate student can say,

    "I have the skills to move and play.

    I can show that I know how to move and use a plan when I play games.

    I show that I know how to get fit and stay fit.

    I act fairly and respectfully when I play.

    I know why it is important to be physically active."



    *Our P.E. time (45 minutes per week) is precious so be ready to learn. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and P.E. shoes. 


PE Expectations

  • 1. Be Prepared (Shoes, Clothes, Attitude).

    2. Come in Quietly, Get Started Promptly. Clean-up and Line-up at the End of the Class Quietly and Orderly.

    3. Use Good Sportmanship.

    4. Listen with Bodies, Equipment Silent and Still, Eyes on the Teacher, and Brain-Thinking About What is Being Said.

    5. Be Safe and Do Your Best.