• Welcome to Winton Physical Education!

    P.E. is a lab. It is Winton's health and fitness lab where we become physically literate!

    A physically literate student can say,

    "I have the skills to move and play.

    I can show that I know how to move and use a plan when I play games.

    I show that I know how to get fit and stay fit.

    I act fairly and respectfully when I play.

    I know why it is important to be physically active."


    Our P.E. time (45 minutes per week) is precious so be ready to learn. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and P.E. shoes.

    Here's when your class has P.E.:

    Monday: Lovitt 10:55-11:40, Charney 12:45-1:30, Huffman 1:40-2:25, Brixen 2:35-3:20

    Tuesday: Kemp 9:05-9:50, Smith 10-10:45, Briggs 10:55-11:40, George 1:40-2:25, Teal 2:35-3:20

    Wednesday: Waddell 9:05-9:50, Burns 10-10:45, Kibby 12:45-1:30, Devlin 1:40-2:25, Barrett 2:35-3:20

    Friday: Hansen 9:05-9:50, Hensley 10-10:45, Youngman 10:55-11:40, Smatlan 12:45-1:30, Malinauskas 2:35-3:20



PE Expectations

  • 1. Enter/exit the gym quietly.

    2. Use an inside voice.

    3. Listen, follow directions the first time.

    4. Respect others.

    5. Be a good sport.

    6. Be safe.

    7. Be responsible.

    8. Use equipment properly after instructions.

    9. Ask permission for bathroom pass.

    10.Drinks-during non-instructional time/when your partner or team doesn't need you.

  • 2018/2019 DATES TO REMEMBER:
    Sept. 11 Cross Country Starts 7:45am (Tu, Wed, Fri at 7:45am) --- Forms and $ due at 1st practice
    Oct. 4    District Cross Country Meet at the fairgrounds 1st to run have a 4:30 start time.
    Oct. 8-12 Bring Your Parent/Guardian To P.E. --- Come learn with your student in P.E. during their scheduled P.E. time and day.
    Oct. 11    5th grade intramurals begin (they are to go to the gym after they arrive or after they arrive and eat breakfast) *optional