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    Welcome to Winton Physical Education!

    P.E. is a lab. It is Winton's health and fitness lab where we become physically literate!

    A physically literate student can say,

    "I have the skills to move and play.

    I can show that I know how to move and use a plan when I play games.

    I show that I know how to get fit and stay fit.

    I act fairly and respectfully when I play.

    I know why it is important to be physically active."


    Our P.E. time (45 minutes per week) is precious so be ready to learn. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and P.E. shoes.



    P.E. Schedule

    Monday: Smith 11:05-11:50, Brixen 12:50-1:35, Devlin1:40-2:25, Johnson 2:35-3:20

    Tuesday: Waddell 9:15-10, Teal 10:05-10:50, Briggs 11:05-11:50, George 1:40-2:25, Berger 2:35-3:20

    Wednesday: Charney 9:15-10,Slattery 10:05-10:50, Kibby 12:50-1:35, Huffman 1:40-2:25, Barrett 2:35-3:20

    Friday: Hansen 9:15-10, O'Quinn 10:05-10:55, Youngman 11:05-11:50, Malinauskas 12:50-1:35, Gibney 2:35-3:20



PE Expectations

  • 1. Enter start the instant activity / Exit quietly with a smile.

    2. Have Fun and Do Your Best

    3. Don't talk when the speaker is talking.

    4. Respect others.

    5. Use good sportsmanship

    6. Be safe.

    7. Be responsible.

    8. Use equipment properly after instructions. Don't touch the equipment we are not using.

    9. Keep your hands and feet and body to yourself.

    10.Drinks and bathroom use-during non-instructional time when the music is on.

  • 2019/2020 DATES TO REMEMBER:

    Cross Country Starts September 10 (have your paperwork completed and turned in)

    Step It Up Fundraiser starts Sept. 11

    Day of Awesomeness Oct. 7



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