• Physical education is a crucial part of educating the whole child.
    Instruction during each class emphasizes enjoyable participation in a variety of physical activities and helps students develop the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physical active lifestyles.

    Emphasis is put on building and improving students’ personal skills and personal fitness rather than winning or losing in a competitive nature. Also there is an emphasis on emotional development so that each student exhibits personal qualities of self control, self confidence, good sportsmanship, teamwork and an appreciation for individual differences through physical activity. 

    Appropriate clothing for P.E. is stressed. This will allow comfortable movement for students. Wearing sneakers will enable students to perform safely and at their best.

    Winton offers students a fall program of cross country for some excellent training as well as the Run for Fun running program. This is excellent conditioning for the Spring Dash as well as Bloomsday. Also in the spring students have an opportunity to participate in the Tech Trek which raises funds for technology needs within our school.
    Our goal for your child is to instill within him/her the skills, competence as well as confidence necessary to enjoy physical activities for a lifetime. It is our hope that students enjoy and understand the benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle!

3rd-5th Grades Fitness Log

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Past Due Assignments

  • Mrs. Blattstein
    Mrs. Blattstein

    E-mail:  Mrs. Blattstein

PE Expectations

  • 1. Enter/exit the gym quietly.

    2. Use an inside voice.

    3. Listen, follow directions the first time.

    4. Respect others.

    5. Be a good sport.

    6. Be safe.

    7. Be responsible.

    8. Use equipment properly after instructions.

    9. Ask permission for bathroom pass.

    10.Drinks-during non-instructional time/when your partner or team doesn't need you.