• Seventh Grade

    Canfield offers an academic focus based on the team concept. High academic standards and student expectations are the basis of our quality education program. We work to create diligent, enthusiastic learners who enjoy the educational process.

  • Seventh Grade Core Classes

    Language Arts

    The focus in 7th grade language arts is on literature appreciation and comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, independent reading, reading fluency, and listening/ speaking/viewing skills. In addition to regular 7th grade language arts, Canfield offers basic language arts classes for students whose ISAT scores are below proficiency and advanced language arts classes for students who qualify.


    Students who are reading below grade level are required to take a reading enrichment class. Students are placed in this reading class based on their ISAT reading scores. In this class, students work on the following objectives: word meaning, literary comprehension, interpretive comprehension, evaluative comprehension, and fluency.


    The following units are taught in 7th grade math: open-ended math problems, estimation, measurement, distributive property, problem solving, rates/proportions/percents, rational numbers, equations, graphing linear equations, exponents, Geometry, Pythagorean Theorem, and scale drawings. Students are placed in math courses based on ability. Students have the opportunity to take 7th Grade Mathematics, Basic 7th Grade Mathematics, REACH Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Basic Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.

    Life Science

    The following units are taught in 7th grade science: scientific inquiry, lab skills - - measurement and microscope, biology overview, data collection and graphing, scientific process, animal kingdom, evolution, cellular concepts, heredity, and basic chemistry.


    The following units are taught in 7th grade geography: geography skills, Byzantine Empire, current events, Islam and the Middle East, Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration, Africa, and Inca/Aztec/Maya. Accelerated students are placed in a class that looks at the curriculum in more depth and at a higher expectation standard.