• Sixth Grade

    Canfield offers an academic focus based on the team concept. Students are placed on a team for the four core classes which provides curriculum integration and close supervision for all students and their needs. High academic standards and student expectations are the basis of our quality education program. We work to create diligent, enthusiastic learners who enjoy the educational process.

  • Sixth Grade Classes

    Language Arts

    The focus of 6th grade language arts classes is on reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, and listening/speaking/viewing skills. Sixth grade students have the opportunity to take ALP or Regular Language Arts. Students may also be enrolled in BOOST Language Arts if they are struggling in their Regular Language Arts course.


    The general reading class focuses on literature appreciation, comprehension, fluency, independent reading, and elements of literature. All 6th grade students take a 6th grade reading course with their homerooms. Students in need of extra help are also enrolled in an extra skill building reading course. Accelerated students will have enrichment opportunities.


    Students are placed in math courses based on ability. Students have the opportunity to take ALP or Regular Mathematics. Students may also be enrolled in BOOST math if they are struggling in their Regular Math course. The following units are taught in 6th grade Math: problem solving, estimation, rounding, graphing, add/subtract decimals, multiplying decimals, circumference, dividing decimals, Algebra, GCF LCM, patterns, number sense, add/subtract fractions, elapsed time, multiply/divide fractions, extend pattern, Geometry, angles, ratio/proportion, convert, fractions/decimals/percent, and area perimeter. Advanced math classes are offered for those students who qualify for an advanced placement.


    Sixth grade science is required for all sixth graders. The following units are taught in 6th grade science: scientific inquiry, classification, cells, human body, chemistry - - structure and function of matter, energy and resources, motion and energy, earth science, astronomy, and water resources.

    Social Studies

    The following units are taught in 6th grade social studies: map skills, archaeology, current events, Ancient Southwest Asia, Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome.

    Reading Enrichment

    Those who are reading below grade level are required to take this class. Students are placed in this reading class based on their ISAT reading scores. In this class, students work on the following objectives: word meaning, literary comprehension, interpretive comprehension, evaluative comprehension, and fluency.

    Special Education

    Canfield Middle School's special education program is designed with inclusion as its primary focus. Most students supported by this program are placed in regular education classes where additional supervision and support is provided. The success in this model has been evident for many years. Serviced students are an integral part of the entire Canfield community. While accommodations are made on an individual basis, the academic success is obvious and the personal benefits in terms of self-esteem, self-confidence and other social skills are reinforced.
    Pull out programs in the form of study labs, language arts and mathematics review courses, and specialized advisory reading, are used to support the classroom. A few students are placed in prevocational classes as their needs indicate.


    All sixth grade students have the opportunity to participate in a new exploratory course every four weeks. Exploratory classes include: PE, Keyboarding, Art, Technology Tools, Math, Spanish, and Character Education.