•    Cheerleaders perform at all football and basketball games, as well as pep assemblies and parades. They compete in the winter and spring.  There are two squads: Junior Varsity (freshmen, sophomores and juniors) and Varsity (sophomores, juniors and seniors). Workshops are held prior to tryouts where students learn cheers. Tryouts are held in the spring and the cheerleaders are selected on grades, attendance, and ability to promote school spirit.   

    Questions contact Crissy Gilmore 

    Congratulations to the 2017-18 Cheerleaders:

    Alyssa Schaffer 
    Olivia Veare
    Allyson Yochum
    Ashlin Couch
    Gianna Garcia
    Charlotte Romero
    Jadyn Kitchen
    Keaunna Monaghan-Cleave
    Shelby Mork
    Emily Zoccoli
    Mackenzie Skurupey
    Kaarina Smith
    Isabel Cochran
    Jessica Gilmore
    Madelyn Bailey
    Tyhler Fulkerson
    Kay Kruger
    Jim Kinnard
    Sam Beals
    McKenna Chilton
    Junior Varsity:
    Shanay Branscome
    Madi Rock
    Rachel Edmuston
    Kaylee Gonciaves
    Paris Marceau-Tweedy
    Pricilla Reiswig
    Kaitlyn Spellman
    Malea McAlliser
    Diamond Quaglia
    Karsyn Crawford
    Delia Barajas
    Lydia Howard
    Addison McDonald
    Gracie Bartkowiak
    Caitlin Scarola
    Eliza Jasmin
    Venna McKnight
    Jada Olson
    Payton Dennis
    Mikayla Juarez
    Tamit Eickman
    Makaila Hay
    Katie Taggerty
    Holly Rod
    Mckenna Cranford
    Cambria Geib
    Maddison Morrow
    Holly Horrochks
    Addy Harris-Novak
    Jaiden Foree
    Riley Barajas
    GO T-WOLVES!!!