• Want to Speak?

    The Speech Team competes throughout the year at approximately 5-8 tournaments. They compete in speech events such as Impromptu, Oratory and Interpretation events. Students must be enrolled in or have completed an Introduction to Debate or Speech class in order to compete.

    All students are welcome to come and talk to Mr. Dreschel in room A-10 to see if this is an interest for them. Don't be shy come by and get those questions answered.  

    Questions? Contact Mr. Dreschel cdrechsel@cdaschools.org

    Want to Judge?

    Would you like to become a judge for Speech/Debate Tournaments?  Unlike other competitive activities, there is not  a separate "league" of officials.  Speech and Debate rely on recruiting parents and community members to judge the speakers.  If you would be interested in learning more about the requirements and training to becoming a speech/debate judge, please contact Caleb Dreschel for information.  Judges may be compensated for tournaments judged.