• Greetings!

    The Lake City Rock Climbing Club is proud to offer our student body with a safe, healthy, and challenging environment to learn how to enjoy the sport of rock climbing.  From absolute beginners to climbers with extensive experience, our club will work hand-in-hand with the KROC Center Climbing Wall Staff to build strong and safe high school rock climbers in our community. 

    Clubs from both schools meet together every Thursday afternoon at the KROC Center Climbing Wall from 3:15-5:30 pm.     

    Climbing Club Members from each school enjoy multiple benefits at the KROC Center each week:

    1. Discounted rate climbing wall punch card.
    2. Free harness and chalk bag rentals during practice.
    3. KROC Center's trained climbing instructors provide a free lesson for the whole team at each practice.
    4. While practice will conclude at 5:30pm, students may stay after practice and climb at the facility for no additional cost throughout the rest of the evening.

    How to Become a Member:

    Complete the following forms and return them to Mr. Williams.

    1. Lake City Activities Contract and Health Insurance Form
    2. Lake City Activities Emergency Contact Card
    3. KROC Center  Climbing Wall Liability Waiver

    Students may not climb with the team at the KROC Center during practices until this paperwork has been completed and turned-in.