• The GSA club is a student-run organization where students of any orientation can meet in a safe, supportive environment. At our weekly meetings (Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 pm, room N-1) we discuss issues ranging from acceptance within our own school to LGBTQ+  rights worldwide. We seek to create a welcoming atmosphere that is open to all high school students where they can be who they are without fear of repercussions. Our goals are to further spread tolerance and acceptance in both the school and community. Joining the club is not a statement about your preferences or gender identity; rather, it is a statement of your commitment to human rights and dignity.
    Questions? Contact Ms. Chapman at CChapman@cdaschools.org (Room N-1)
    Look for the Safe Space stickers below in classrooms and offices throughout the school. These are places where you can find staff who specifically identify themselves as someone you can go to where everyone is welcome - no matter their gender or sexual orientation.