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  • Why Debate?

    Being an active member of the debate team offers all kinds of benefits and fulfills several needs of students.  A recent study shows that debate and/or competitive speech actually raises students' test scores, raises GPA, increases interest and participation in civic activities, decreases teen violence and a variety of other benefits. 

    If you still aren't convinced that joining debate is a good decision, students who participate in debate are more likely to be admitted to the college/university of his/her choice and receive more scholarship monies than non-debate peers.
    Students of all levels and interest are welcome to come and talk to see if the class is for them. Don't be afraid to come and say hi to see if you are truly interested.  

    We're waiting for you in Room A-10          

    JOIN TODAY!!! 

    Want to Debate?

    The Debate Team consists of approximately 45 students in grades 9-12 who compete on a novice, junior varsity, and varsity level. There are four (4) types of debate: Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Congressional, or Public Forum. Debaters attend about 10 tournaments in the Pacific Northwest throughout the year.  Debaters must be enrolled in the debate class in order to compete.

    Want to Get A Head Start on Next Year?

    Just like any other activity, practicing and getting concentrated individualized instruction helps all competitors continue to learn and shape their skills. One of the best things that new and continuing debaters can do to have a successful season is attend a debate camp.  


    Want to Judge?

    Would you like to become a judge for Speech/Debate Tournaments?  Unlike other competitive activities, there is not  a separate "league" of officials.  Speech and Debate relies on recruiting parents and community members to judge the speakers.  If you would be interested in learning more about the requirements and training to becoming a speech/debate judge, please contact Ms. Newman for information.  Judges may be compensated for tournaments judged.