Bass Club Homepage

  • The Lake City Bass Pack meets every month at 2:45-4pm in A5. 

    Things you need on tournament day:

    1. You -  this includes appropriate clothing both for weather conditions and for being in public.
    2. Your equipment - fishing poles, baits, and other items that you will need to be able to fish. No equipment will be provided, so do not forget to bring your own!
    3. Your LIFE JACKET!  This is a must have!  Without a life jacket you may not be able to fish unless you can find one before blast off! Other safety items like sunscreen are highly recommended!
    4. LUNCH - you will be on the water for anywhere between 6 to 8 hours at a time!  You cannot leave your boat to go get lunch so don't forget it!  Also, be sure to pack a enough water to get you through the day!  Dehydration is a threat even when it is not hot outside!


    Any questions or concerns. please feel free to contact Mr. Sampson at or join us at one of our meetings.