Welcome to Dalton 2nd Grade!

     Welcome to Second Grade! 

    Second grade is an exciting year of exploration! We'll dive deeper into reading, writing, math, science and social studies. We get to combine our love of science and social studies with reading and writing projects all year long. 

    In reading, we focus on increasing our phonics and sight word skills. We also begin to read more fluently and with greater understanding.

    In math, we begin to add and subtract with three-digit numbers. We also focus on measurement, telling time, using coins, and fact fluency.

    In science, we explore the rock cycle, the life cycle of animals, and we will learn more about solids and liquids. 

    In social studies, we learn about maps in geography, American symbols in government, and the value of traditions in history. 

    We are excited to learn and grow with our second graders!