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    Your child will succeed at Reading and Writing in 1st Grade!
    There are four basic ways that students learn the Language Arts. The 4 Blocks model allows us to teach Language Arts throughout the day.
    1. In the Working With Words block students learn words through phonics, word families (patterns) word wall spelling words, and sight words.
    2. In the Guided Reading block students apply their knowledge of words phonics, sight words, and word families in the reading process. Comprehension strategies and fluency are also emphasized.
    3. In the Writing block students will focus on 3 traits: organization (beginning, middle, and end,) voice (word choice and personality), and conventions (punctuation, capitalization, and word wall spelling.)
    4. In the Self Selected Reading block students have the opportunity to listen to read-aloud stories, make appropriate reading choices, and practice fluency.
    • We believe reading with your child is the most important gift you can give your 1st grader. It builds knowledge required for success in reading, writing, and every subject area. Reading aloud to your child, even after he or she learns to read is important.
    • Talk about books with your child. Read to your child, with your child, and listen as he reads.
    • Share often something that you're reading with your child--books, newspapers, recipes, etc.-
    • To let her know that you value reading.
    • Do the same with writing. Get a library card for your child at the public library.
      Keep reading and writing materials available for your child.

    MATH 1st Grade Math focuses on a manipulative approach to understanding concepts such as counting, computation, money, clock time, fractions, geometry, measurement, comparisons, story problems, and problem solving.

    SCIENCE In 1st grade science students learn about the habitat and needs of plants and animals.

    SOCIAL STUDIES In 1st grade Social Studies students learn about America. They are introduced to patriotic symbols along with the historical stories and significance.