Food Service Staff

  • Ms. Liniger Ms. Hensley Ms. Kruger

    Meal Information

    Breakfast consists of an entree, fruit or juice and milk.
    • Assorted Cereal Choices, Yogurt or Hot Entree
    • ½ pint Milk: 1%, or Nonfat
    • ½ cup Fresh or Canned Fruit or Chilled Juice Choice

    Lunch consists of an entree, fruit, vegetable, milk and sometimes a dessert.

    • Hot or Cold Entree
    • ½ pint Milk: 1%, or Nonfat Chocolate
    • ½ cup Fruit and/or Vegetables


    Cafeteria Tidbits

    -Money for lunches should be given to the kitchen staff.

    -Checks should be made out to “Food Service.”

    -If you are planning on eating lunch with your child, please call by 9:15 a.m. to inform the kitchen.

    -If you have questions about student accounts, please call 664-2659.

    2017-18 Meal Prices

    Breakfast         FREE (Student)    $2.50 (Adult)
    Lunch               $2.70 (Student)   $3.75 (Adult)
    Reduced Price Lunch  $0.40 
    Milk                  $.50 

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