•  Mrs. Meredith
           Ms. Meredith
    Ms. Meredith provides the Fernan student with the opportunity to develop the body, mind and spirit. It is our vision at Fernan to create an atmosphere of wellness in our classroom that will extend into the community. The foundation of our program lies in physical fitness, character education, skill development and the acquisition of sport knowledge. These ingredients delivered with kindness and caring will enable our children to flourish .

    Wellness is pervasive throughout the curriculum as indicated by the following abridged list of objectives.

    PSYCHOMOTOR OBJECTIVES The student will demonstrate proficiency or show improvement in:

    *gaining muscular endurance, strength, cardiorespiratory, flexibility, agility, power, coordination, speed and balance.

    *acquisition of throwing, catching, kicking, striking, rolling, dribbling, shooting, passing and rebounding skills.

    *active participation.

    *finding his/her heart rate.

    *finding his/her target heart zone.

    *taking a resting and active heart rate.

    AFFECTIVE OBJECTIVES - The student will develop an appreciation of:

    *personal living skills of respect for others, leadership, followership, risk taking & initiative.

    *the concept of team work and cooperation.

    *the emotional and physical well being necessary to participate in any sport, game, or activity.

    *fitness as a part of one's lifestyle.

    *individual skills of self and others.

    COGNITIVE OBJECTIVES - The student will be able to:

    *demonstrate an understanding of safe participation in fitness activities.

    *understand the components of fitness (muscular endurance, strength, cardiorespiratory and flexibility).

    *determine fitness related activities that are available.

    *identify basic anatomical, biomechanical and physiological principles involved in fitness, sport and physical activity

    *demonstrate a knowledge of terminology, position, play situations and game strategies.