• M.Ed. Reading Specialist
    Title I Reading Teacher

    Fernan STEM Academy is a school-wide Title I program.  We provide Title I reading instruction for all students.  We push our highly qualified reading staff into the classroom to provide reading instruction to all students at their instructional reading level. We differentiate instruction into small groups and one on one interventions. We monitor students' growth to ensure intervention or acceleration is effective, efficient, and meets the needs of each student.

    Title I is a national reading program funded by the federal government. This program is designed to assist students in mastering grade-level expectancies. To achieve this goal, Title I focuses on skills necessary for proficient reading, including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

    All students are given specialized reading instruction in small groups according to their needs and strengths in reading, phonics, and writing skills within their individual classrooms.  The Title I Reading Specialist and staff work closely with the classroom teachers to differentiate all reading instruction according to individual student abilities.  Title I instructional reading time focuses on the foundational skills of reading for all ability levels.   Progress is closely monitored to ensure that the instruction planned is meeting the needs of the child.

    Our goal is to help children become confident readers who enjoy the many aspects of reading. Through a partnership with parents, we will support the efforts of the children we serve to become lifelong readers.

    Funding for our program is based on the percentage of free and reduced lunches for which our families apply. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that our families apply for free and reduced lunch at our school. Even if our families choose not to participate in this program, their application goes towards our funding. Forms are sent home to all students or may be picked up at the office.  

    For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Education website.