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    Reading and Writing—Second graders spend a lot of time reading and writing. In reading, we focus on reading fluently. We call this “reading like we talk.” Good readers identify words quickly, read at an appropriate pace, and use appropriate phrasing and expression. We also focus on reading comprehension. In writing, we practice the writing process covering these six steps: Brainstorming, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Publishing, and Sharing. We also work on writing complete paragraphs including topic sentences, detailed supporting sentences, and conclusions.

    Math—In math, we work on addition and subtraction facts, place value, geometry, fractions, problem solving, measurement, time, money, and addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers with regrouping.

    Social Studies—In social studies, second graders learn about neighborhoods and citizenship, current events, voting, transportation, traditions, economics, Native Americans and Pilgrims.

    Science—Second graders learn and apply the scientific inquiry process. We study force, motion, and simple machines. We also learn about weather, and plants and animals. Second graders also participate in lab activities for each topic.