First Grade

  • Ms. McClintock   Mrs. Hennig       Mrs. Durocher

         Ms. McClintock                 Mrs. Hennig                     Mrs. Durocher


    We believe that first grade should be fun and educational. Each child is supported as a learner. We switch for math, individualize for reading, utilize reading specialist and incorporate thematic units throughout the year. You can expect to hear from us on a routine basis. Please stay in touch if you have any concerns or questions. You may call us at school or email anytime.

    First grade is an exciting time as children as they embark upon new adventures in learning. each day students are actively involved in reading writing and math. They also learn science, Social Studies , Character Ed, music, art, P.E., and technology.This is a year of bountiful learning!

    First Grade Scope and Sequence - This is and overview of what a first grader should know and be able to do by the end of the year.