• Community Resources for Families

    This list includes many organizations and resources available to families in our community.
    • Youth and Parents

      Infant, pre-school, and parenting programs
    • Health Care

      Low-cost medical and dental services
    • Mental Health

      Services for youth and adults
    • Transportation

      Options for low-cost and no-cost rides to appointments and obligations
    • Community Meals

      Free meals offered by churches in the area
    • Food Banks

      Organizations providing food on a need basis
    • Housing

      Affordable housing resources
    • Shelters

      Organizations offering temporary and crisis housing
    • Community-Based PSR Services

      PSR stands for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation. PSR workers are mental health professionals who are employed by different agencies to work with children who are struggling with social, emotional, or behavioral challenges.
    • General Assistance

      State and community resources available to families in need