• Fernan's Three B’s

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful

    Be Safe

    The behavioral focus at Fernan STEM Academy is on the positive choices children make. To make positive choices, children must know their expectations, know what will happen if they don’t meet the expectation and feel intrinsically rewarded for making good choices.

    This manual offers teachers and staff at Fernan STEM Academy a common language to teach expectations.


    Lost and Found

    We urge parents to LABEL EVERYTHING that is sent to school. Each year, our " lost article box" fills quickly with items that are never claimed. Children and parents are encouraged to check it for lost articles. All unclaimed articles are donated to charity in December and June.



    If your child brings a cell phone to school, it needs to be off and in their backpack while on school grounds. If you need to contact your child during the day, please call the office. Students will only be able to use the office phone with permission from their classroom teacher.

    Please make sure your students know how they are getting home after school each day. Discussing after school plans with your children before leaving home each day allows us to keep the phone lines open for emergencies. If you need to let your child know about after school arrangements, please contact the school before 2:30 so we have enough time to notify your child.