• Welcome to Borah CDA4KIDS!

    CDA4KIDS consists of 2 different programs. Wake Up and Read is a before school reading program and CDA4KIDS is an after school  homework program.  

    WAKE UP and READ starts an hour before school and is provided for those early risers that want a little extra time to dedicate toward literacy. Students can listen to books on tape as well as on I-pads, work with literacy instructors in small groups or one-to-one, or catch up on homework assignments. 

    CDA4Kids is an after school program that provides homework help, activities, games, enrichment, and social interaction. A snack is provided at the beginning of the program to refuel for homework. Then about 30 min is designated for homework time. If a student does not have homework that day, they are expected to read, do math flash cards, or extra worksheets for practice. Students are expected to be responsible for their homework by having it ready to go when they come to CDA4KIDS, turning it into their teacher, and being honest when they have homework. We are a homework support, but the student is still held accountable to their teachers.
    After homework time, we have our "visitor" or "Hometown Hero". We are so privileged to have such great community volunteers that come in to share their talents, skills, hobbies and interests with our kids. This is a really fun part of the day where we get to learn and experience new things. Some of these skills and talents being presented to us, may spark the interest of a student who may want to pursue it. We are always welcome to any volunteers who would like to be a Hometown Hero, or even just volunteer to come in and help kids with homework.
    We usually always have the opportunity for outside play or inside the gym when the weather is bad. Boy Scouts is one of the programs we do on a regular basis. The Boy Scout leader comes once a week to do games and activities with the boys. During this time, the girls get to have their own activities. We also have access to the computer lab and use that occasionally.
    We have a very qualified staff, who love working with these kids! Come join us!   

    Wake Up & Read- 8:00am-8:30am
    CDA4Kids- 3:30pm-5:30pm

    Students are expected to attend at least 75% of the time they are in the program to maximize program benefits.