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  • Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    This year your child will have many hands on learning opportunities.


    Science and social studies: We get to dissect owl pellets, dissect frogs, simulate an Oregon Trail adventure, learn about science on Tubbs Hill through an outdoor classroom, discover the adventures of Lewis and Clark, learn about the state of Idaho and the forms of government, learn about the Native American Tribes of Idaho and their systems of government, and take a field trip to the Turnbull National Wildlife Rufuge..


    Reading: uncover a love of reading, visualizing as we read, comprehension strategies, reading strategies, what TRUE fluency is (it's not speed reading!!!), taking journeys and discovering new wornders in the world of books!

    Writing: narratives, opinions, research, and persuasive writing; details and specificity, parts of speech, spelling patterns, using a thesaurus and a dictionary, and some poetry (well, a lot of poetry!).


    Math: place value, powers of ten, multiplication and division with multi-digit numbers, fractions-lots of fractions, and geometry and measurement. 


    We are planning to learn a great deal and have a lot of fun in the process! 


    Michele and Kerry