Welcome to Kindergarten at Sorensen!

  • There is an immense amount of learning that occurs in kindergarten! Here is a brief overview of what we do.
    We learn our sounds and letters and how to blend sounds into words. We also memorize 40-50 sight words, and, when you put all of that together, we learn how to read! Writing is also important in kindergarten. We use our knowledge of sounds, handwriting, and sight words to learn how to write our thoughts down in many different ways. We write in our journals, and we write cards, letters, stories, opinion pieces and an animal report all through the course of the year.
    In math, we learn how to count to 100 in multiple ways, count on from a given number, count backwards and count and compare sets of items. We learn all about shapes: 2D and 3D shapes. We compare and contrast shapes, count edges, vertices and faces (big vocabulary for kindergarten!), and we build and create with shapes. We also do units on measurement, base 10 and, of course, we add and subtract through 10!
    In science, we study the 5 Senses, the 4 Seasons, weather, temperature, germs, different states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas), living and non-living things, life cycles of butterflies, and animal habitats. We conclude the year by writing an animal report.
    In social studies, we learn about the different holidays that occur during the year. We also learn about the difference between needs and wants, the value of rules and following them, the Pledge of Allegiance and that the globe is a model of the Earth.
    Because this is a magnet school of the arts, we also get to experience a variety of art and culture such as: painting, pottery, drama, juggling, improvisation, African drumming, singing, and drawing, including color and line knowledge. 
    Please know that we always want the most positive learning experience for your child. We want them to know that, when we work together, learning is fun and endless! We are so glad that you are here at Sorensen! Let’s enjoy this experience together!


     Scott DuCoeur (AM Kindergarten)
     Geralyn Bryak  (Full Day Kindergarten)