• The Special Education Department of Hayden Meadows Elementary is a team of educators who provide instruction to students that have identified disabilities and need specialized instruction. That service includes identification of students and monitoring their progress.

    Resource-Jeanna Rade, Colleen Holbrook, and the special education para-professionals support student learning in all grades.

    Itinerants-Our school also has a part-time School Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Teacher of the hearing impaired, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Audiologist and Consulting Teacher.

    For more information about Special Education programs in Idaho, please visit the Procedural Safeguards Notice on the State Department of Education Website.  

    Mrs. Jeanna Rade                          Photo of Colleen Holbrook                         

    Mrs. Jeanna Rade                                 Mrs. Colleen Holbrook                           

    Special Education Teacher                     Special Education Teacher            

    jrade@cdaschools.org                           cholbrook@cdaschools.org     


     Mrs. Amber Wannamaker                         Kelly Weir                         

    Mrs. Amber Wanamaker                       Mrs. Kelly Weir                                         

    Special Ed. Paraprofessional                 Special Ed. Paraprofessional                     

    awannamaker@cdaschools.org             kweir@cdaschools.org 


    Lisa Oliveria                         Tammie Jacobson  

    Mrs. Lisa Oliveria                                 Mrs. Tammie Jacobson  

    Special Ed. Paraprofessional                 Special Ed. Paraprofessional     

    lisa.oliveria@cdaschools.org                 tjacobson@cdaschools.org   


    Mrs. Nancy Woolley                         Lisa Krapas

    Mrs. Nancy Woolley                             Mrs. Lisa Krapas

    Reading Specialist                               Reading Specialist

    nwoolley@cdaschools.org                    lkrapas@cdaschools.org