•       It is my goal to help children learn to love physical activity. But it is you, their primary life teacher, that can model for them an active lifestyle to create a healthier child for life. Family fitness and activities are a great way to spend quality time with your children. Need some ideas? Ask your child. Children love to move and invent games. I bet you will be impressed with what they come up with. Want more ideas? I would be happy to help you come up with some activities that will suit your family. Please ask me if you would like. 

         Please make sure your child wears APPROPRIATE clothes and SHOES on their P.E. day. (For example: shorts under skirts or dresses, brings an athletic shoe if wearing boots, sandals, or dress shoes, and layers are always a good idea as we run around and often get hot in class.) I can not stress enough the importance of proper foot wear in P.E. Your child needs an athletic shoe that ties, uses Velcro, or zips up snugly to prevent twisted ankles. Skater shoes are not athletic shoes and are not appropriate. Shoes MUST fit snugly in order to prevent twisted ankles. PROPER FOOT WEAR IS NECESSARY for your child’s safety and so they can fully participate and enjoy P.E.

         Physical Education grades are based on sportsmanship. In grades 3-5 wearing proper foot wear is also reflected into the sportsmanship grade.
         Please let me know if there are any health considerations that I should be made aware of concerning your child. If you have any questions or concerns regarding you child’s physical education program, please feel free to call me at Hayden Meadows, 208-772-5006.
    Thank you,

    Karen Johnson

     P.E. Teacher

    District Cross Country Results